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11:39 PM
The Last Chance CD Launch at the Sun Inn Pickering - My recollections
The hours leading up to my CD launch at 8pm on the 7th February were calm and controlled. I had arrived as planned and set up my 'stall' then tuned my Freshman and Martin guitars, placed my cards on the table and awaited my audience.
I sat back with a glass and realised how far I had come. Half a lifetime of experience condensed into 2 hours of songs, feelings and music. 

A hand rested on my shoulder with assuring words, people were arriving. Soon the whole place was buzzing with chatter and keen anticipation, could he do it? Would he do it?.......Yes I could and the sincere drive that led me here kicked in again and soon I was up singing and playing. 'Thinking about you' and the other songs on the album soon followed and then before I knew it I was halfway through my album. By 9pm the room was full and I was beginning to recognise faces I hadn't seen for a long time. I chatted with the crowd and burst into 'Best in Town' and afterwards I reminded people to buy my CD, have a chat, show some support and a piece of the fantastic guitar cake (thank you Jo Gedling who made it) 

After 'The Last Chance' title track I appreciated the first half applause, rested my Freshman guitar on a stand, turned around  and was met with an instant queue of folk waving money wanting a signed copy of my CD. Julia my daughter came to the rescue and together we made money as we parted with the CDs.

After the break at around 10.15 the second half was under way. Unrecorded new songs such as 'By the Birks' were taken well along with 'Big Blue Eyes' and 'Till Another Day' I was on a roll, couldn't go wrong and confidence was high as my singing and songs were good. People were enjoying themselves, I could see and feel it. The 'Martin' guitar came to hand and I was into 'Ben and Tarn' in dropped D along with 'Supposed to Do'

The last song 'Hard Hearted Women' went on for six minutes as people sang and clapped. After I sat back in the afterglow I listened to the applause once more 'Dreams really do come true' I thought.

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